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Sunroom, Garden Room and Patio Room Addition Kits
Factory Direct Contractor Pricing for All US - Quality Rooms Since 1947

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NO Sales Tax  Free Factory Room Upgrades  40% Off All Rooms


How to Order A Room

 To Order a Sunroom, Patio Room, Garden Room, or Walls Only
 Call 800.770.6904 to Place an Order

1. We'll Mail You a Room Layout, Proposal/Contract & Installation Manual to Review

2. Make Changes (if Any) to Contract & Layout Drawing & Keep Customer Copies

3. Sign & Date Contract & Drawing and Return in Stamped Addressed Envelope.

4. Installation Manual & Standard Permit Plans are at Install Manual
Permit Plans

5. PAYMENTS: By Check or Credit Card We Accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
10% When Order is Placed

6. Installation Phone assistance is Available Monday thru Friday 10am to 8pm EST

7. Contact Lynn - Office 800.770.6904 - Cell Phones 800.770.6904
Email: - Fax: 800-246-1827 - Call 10am to 8pm est [Monday - Friday] 

8. Visit for Q & A - Photos - Product Info - Specials & Much More

Questions & Answers
Question: How long does it take before the room is delivered?
    A: It usually takes 3 to 5 weeks from the date the Room is put into Production.

Question: How long does it take to install the room? 
     A: Rooms are installed in approx 1 to 3 Days by a Factory Trained Installer 
and usually 2 to 4 day by a Local Contractor, Handyman or Home Owner.

Question: Do you accept credit cards?    
    A: YES - We accept Visa, American Express, & Master Card 

[ Installations are Available in Most Areas - Check with Lynn @ 800.770.6904 ]

Free Quotes & Brochures800.770.6904Free Quotes & Brochures

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