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Sunroom, Garden Room and Patio Room Addition Kits
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Room Measurements:

( 1 ) Measure Slab or Wood Deck to Bottom of Roof Rafter overhang to get a Back Wall Attachment Height.

( 2 ) Facing the Wall of the House, Measure Left Wall starting at the House Wall at a 90 degree angle from the House Wall & Measure Right Wall starting at a 90 degree from House Wall to the front wall of the New Room

( 3 ) Measure the Front Wall of the Room forming a 90 degree angle at the Left Wall & Right wall.

Standard Attachment Height at the House Wall is 8’ (96”) with the Minimum of 7’6” (90”)
Maximum Attachment Height is 12’ (144’). Add 5% to Wall Cost for Each Foot Over 8’(90”)

The Roof Pitch Minimum is 3/8” a foot, with a recommended Pitch of a Minimum of ½” a foot.
Example: A 12’ Projection with a 8’ (96”) Attachment Height would have a 7’6” front Wall Height

Check the Install Manual for more Detailed Information on Installation Measurements & Layouts

Free Quotes & Brochures800.770.6904Free Quotes & Brochures

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